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Crack Head 2

Lisa Lennox

When we last visited the South Bronx, the South Bronx Bitches and an infamous drug ring, promoted lies, betrayal, and disloyalty resulting in drama and death. Nobody s lives were ever the same. Six weeks later, Dink and Laci are adjus...

Published: Sep 2008

Sistah for Sale


After her father was killed and her mother was deported, Sienna grew up in Miami's prostitution scene in the care of her father's business partner, Chatman. Beautiful and ambitious, Sienna determines that the best route to the life sh...

Published: Mar 2008

Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale


CHECK IT.Lamont be my government, but Hood be my name. I earned my stripes chilling up in Fat Daddy's joint, a Brownsville barbershop in the belly of Brooklyn. Some called me a street savior...others said I was just another Brownsvill...

Published: Aug 2007

The Trophy Wife

Ashley and Jaquavis


Published: Oct 2008

Betrayed (Triple Crown Publications P...

David Givens

Darrell Jenkins a.k.a. The Sandman is known as a legend in the streets of Waterloo, Iowa, experiencing success on both sides of the law. However, out of all the things Darrell has accomplished, love is the one thing that has eluded hi...

Published: Jun 2008

Stained Cotton (Triple Crown Publicat...

Quentin Carter

Qu bon Cartez is a conniving, womanizing hoodfella that knows no boundaries when it comes to money. His brother, O bon, finds himself having to survive the game of being his only sibling. Together they ll navigate you through a...

Published: Jun 2008

Material Girl

Keisha Ervin

Dylan Monroe is the kind of chick females love to hate, but children and dogs mysteriously adore. She's a material girl, living in a material world filled with diamonds, furs, limousines, celebrities, and private planes. To the world,...

Published: Sep 2010

Cyber Case

Nikki Rashan

Jovanna, a successful mortgage broker, and her criminal lawyer girlfriend, Melanie, have established a warm, tender, and secure relationship during the four years they've been together. But when business and friendship intertwine, the...

Published: Aug 2010

Myra: A Twisted Tale of Karma

Amaleka G. McCall

Myra thought her only worry would be how to get out of living in a low-income neighborhood and dealing with her drug-addicted mother. Entering the prestigious St. John's University and dating one of the football team's star players, M...

Published: Mar 2009

The Diamond Syndicate

Erica Hilton

Mistress of manipulation Diamond Reed always gets what she wants. As a single mother to her teenaged son, Diamond transforms into a vicious cougar with an insatiable appetite for men less than half her age. She preys on her son's frie...

Published: Jan 2010

Streets of New York Volume 1

Mark Anthony

Streets Of New York Volume 1 takes readers into the turbulent lives of Promise, Squeeze, Show, and Pooh, four young men from the rough-and-tumble streets of Brook-nam. Big, brash, and bold, the four are modern-day gangstas who take th...

Published: Apr 2009

Liar Liar

Latrese Carter

Six months prior to their wedding, Stormy Adair Knight, learns that her fiance, Camden Brooks, is cheating on her-with a male parishioner from their church! After this revelation, the wedding is called off due to Camden's unfitness fo...

Published: Jun 2007

Honor Thy Thug

Wahida Clark

Urban lit's favorite ride or die couple, Trae and Tasha, are back as they fight to hold onto their volatile relationship which gets closer to exploding with each passing day. Their friends, Angel and Kaylin, are caught up in their own...

Published: Nov 2013

Cover Girl

Brittani Williams

Drug-addicted former model Brooklyn Johnson's life is in ruins. She once had it all—money, jewels, designer clothes and men falling at her feet. Now washed up, and recently diagnosed with cancer, all she has left is to get high, and...

Published: Nov 2011

Before It's Too Late

Latrese Carter

Fraternal twins Tori and Dani Prescott grew in the same womb, share the same blood type and the same birth date among other similarities, but the most prevalent likeness is the disdain they share toward one another. Their fraternal fr...

Published: Aug 2010

Between the Sheets (Delphine Publicat...

Tamika Newhouse

Between the Sheets is a compilation of stories from African American writers. Enjoy erotic pieces with romantic and exotic flare.

Published: Jul 2010

Get Money Chicks

Anna J

For Mina, Shanna, and Karen, using what they had to get what they wanted was always an option. Best friends since day one, these 'get money chicks' always had a thing for the hottest gear, luxurious lifestyles, and the ballers who mad...

Published: Sep 2007

Cut Throat (Triple Crown Publications...

K. Roland Williams

Quincy Underwood is a well known local celebrity in his hood. He's street smart, handsome, and the talented lead vocalist for Taboo, the hottest Neo Soul R&B band on the East Coast. Quincy's deepest desire is to live the lifestyle tha...

Published: Mar 2008

The Boss-The story of a Female Hustle...


Kayla Bossy Tucker is a bona fide product of the streets, spending her time on the grind and settling scores. Years after forming alliances with a couple of the city s most notorious gangsters, she creates a formula to cook cocaine ...

Published: Feb 2008

I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger

Erica Barnes

Three young women trying to make it the only way they want to... Kentia can't seem to meet her monetary needs. Since beauty and trickery are what she knows best, and she uses them as her golden ticket. Kentia drains money from the ...

Published: May 2008

Section 8: A Hood Rat Novel


Since she was a little girl, Tionna's on and off addicted mother taught her to get hers by any means necessary. Tionna's heart is as cold as a December chill, but she holds a warm place in it for Duhan, the father of her two sons, and...

Published: Sep 2009

Bonded By Blood (Wahida Clark Present...


From her deathbed, where HIV is choking away her last breaths, Black Girl, an infamous ex-prostitute of Atlanta s Auburn Avenue ho stroll, exacts two promises from her three young teen-aged sons, Khalil, B-Man, and Quantavious. She do...

Published: Jan 2011

You Got To Pay To Play

Meisha Camm

Determined to never again be left alone and broke, beautiful Isabel Preston, older, wiser, and even more manipulative, strives to become the world's best escort, dating only men who can afford her glamorous lifestyle until she begins ...

Published: Feb 2009


D. Mitchell

Book by Mitchell, D.

Published: Oct 2008

Cold Summer Afternoon

Rasheed Clark

From Rasheed Clark, the best-selling author of the explosive, debut novel 'Stories I Wouldn't Tell Nobody But God' comes the most highly anticipated novel ever...Cold Summer Afternoon Love. Infidelity. Deception. Abuse. Lies. Shame...

Published: Nov 2007

Snowed: A Lesson in Love

Nishawnda Ellis

Have you ever loved somone so much that no force on earth could change what you felt? Sasha Freeman thought she found that type of love, only to realize she had been snowed. Sasha lives in a perfect world, where her career, finances...

Published: Jan 2008


J. R. Moehringer

"Electrifying." --Booklist (starred)Willie Sutton was born in the Irish slums of Brooklyn in 1901, and he came of age at a time when banks were out of control. Sutton saw only one way out and only one way to win the girl of ...

Published: May 2013

A Gift to the Eye and More

Leceila Turnage

Forty-year-old, never-married Eva Liles desires matrimony and motherhood. And even though she lives in small-town Fairview, which is a short distance from Raleigh, North Carolina, where she works and spends time socially, she remains ...

Published: Feb 2008

Tale of a Train Wreck Lifestyle

Crystal Lacey Winslow

Lisa Henderson wants to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Only she doesn't have the patience to do things the correct way. Destined to make something great out of her life, her father's constant praise and adulation turns the...

Published: Oct 2008

Respect My Gangsta

Pantha Jones


Published: Jul 2008
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