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Flat Belly Diet!

Liz Vaccariello

Join the million-plus people who have found the answer to losing belly fat while eating satisfying and delicious foods. With this diet, readers can lose inches in just four days, drop up to 15 pounds in 32 days, and boost energy as th...

Published: Dec 2009

The 4 Day Diet

Ian K. Smith

The #1 bestselling author of 'The Fat Smash Diet' and 'Extreme Fat Smash Diet' offers his most inspiring work yet. Dr. Smith goes beyond the bootcamp-style diets of his previous books and presents a program anyone can stay on for life.

Published: Dec 2009

Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygi...

Bethenny Frankel

With 25 simple, delicious recipes, a one-week program to jump start readers on the Naturally Thin lifestyle, and warm encouragement on every page, the star of 'The Real Housewives of New York' and 'Health' columnist serves up a book f...

Published: Mar 2009

Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and F...

Jillian Michaels

Are you in good shape but struggling with those last ten to twenty pounds that stand between looking perfectly okay and looking knock-their-eyes-out great? Do you have an event on the calendar where you'd love to make jaws drop? Or do...

Published: Jan 2008

Never Say Diet: Make Five Decisions a...

Chantel Hobbs

Hobbs lost 200 pounds without the help of surgery, pills, point systems, or a trendy diet. And just as important, she has kept the weight off. In this work, readers get straight talk on developing the determination, commitment, and pe...

Published: Dec 2008
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