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The Beginner's Guide to Wicca: How to...


Starhawk is the bestselling author who introduced over a million readers to Wicca - the earth-centered tradition that teaches us to seek wisdom from the cycles of life and the principles of nature itself. On The Beginner's Guide to Wi...

Unabridged CD
Published: Mar 2003

Wiccan Rituals & Blessings: Celebrati...


Wicca is the earth-centered spirituality that draws its wisdom from the miraculous power of the natural world. From this tradition, Starhawk a foremost voice in today s pagan renaissance and author of the bestseller, The Spiral Dance ...

Abridged CD
Published: Dec 2003

The Temple Of Shamanic Witchcraft: Me...

Christopher Penczak

This four-CD set complements emThe Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft /emby Christopher Penczak—a year-and-a-day training guide for Wiccans seeking to expand their practice through the shamanic arts.Two CDs feature enchanting music and t...

Unabridged CD
Published: Jul 2005

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Pract...

Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham's classic introduction to Wicca is about how to live life magically, spiritually, and wholly attuned with nature. It is a book of sense and common sense, not only about magick but also about religion and one of the mo...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Feb 2011

The Magical Household: Spells & Ritua...

Scott Cunningham

Recognize and celebrate the magic of life with timeless rites and spells. Create a magical household-a haven of harmony, safety, spirituality, security, and romance. The benefits include a happier existence, protection against thieves...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Mar 2016

Witches of America

Alex Mar

When most people hear the word witches, they think of horror films and Halloween, but to the nearly one million Americans who practice Paganism today, it's a nature-worshipping, polytheistic, and very real religion. So Alex Mar discov...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Oct 2015

Inner Temple Set

Christopher Penczak

Enter the inner temple and discover the power of your magick.strong /For the serious seeker, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft lays the foundation for deep experience with ritual. Instead of diving right into spellwork, this book sets t...

Unabridged CD
Published: Oct 2002
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