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After the Prophet: The Epic Story of ...

Lesley Hazleton

In this gripping narrative history, Lesley Hazleton tells the tragic story at the heart of the ongoing rivalry between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam, a rift that dominates the news now more than ever. Even as Muhammad lay dyin...

Published: Sep 2010

The Islamic Jesus: How the King of th...

Mustafa Akyol

"A welcome expansion of the fragile territory known as common ground." ―The New York TimesWhen Reza Aslan's bestseller Zealot came out in 2013, there was criticism that he hadn't addressed his Muslim faith while writing th...

Published: Nov 2018

Beyond Fundamentalism: Confronting Re...

Reza Aslan

The wars in the Middle East have become religious wars in which God is believed to be directly engaged on behalf of one side against the other. The hijackers who attacked America on September 11, 2001, thought they were fighting in th...

Published: Apr 2010

Muhammad and the Believers: At the Or...

Fred M. Donner

The origins of Islam have been the subject of increasing controversy in recent years. The traditional view, which presents Islam as a self-consciously distinct religion tied to the life and revelations of the prophet Muhammad in west...

Published: May 2012

The Future of Islam

John L. Esposito

John L. Esposito is one of America's leading authorities on Islam. Now, in this brilliant portrait of Islam today--and tomorrow--he draws on a lifetime of thought and research to sweep away the negative stereotypes and provide an accu...

Published: Apr 2013

The Messenger: Prophet Muhammad and H...

Resit Haylamaz

This book narrates the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, shedding light upon segments of his life that are either neglected or glossed over in conflict-focused biographies. The narrations in this book revolve around the Pro...

Published: Aug 2018

Six Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad...

Muhammad Ibn 'Abd Allah

It is a blessing, a warning, and a sign that these Six Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of His Time have resurfaced at this particular moment in history. Renewed by caliphs and sultans, supported by scores of fatw...

Published: Feb 2015

The Mecca Mystery: Probing the Black ...

Townsend Peter

The theological and political claims of Islam rest squarely on history. Islam will ultimately be victorious, so we are told, because modern Muslims are the direct heirs of a glorious vision for humanity mapped out by Muhammad, and tho...

Published: Jun 2018

Islam: A Very Short Introduction

Malise Ruthven

Islam dominates the news, often in stories filled with images of violence. Yet these disturbing images are at odds with a faith that most adherents--who now number over a billion worldwide--would regard as no less pacific than Buddhis...

Published: Mar 2012

Islam Explained: A Short Introduction...

Ahmad Rashid Salim

A revealing guide to understanding the principles of Islam With more than 1.8 billion followers worldwide, Islam is one of the world’s largest religions, but it is also one that is poorly understood by many Americans. Islam Exp...

Published: Nov 2020
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