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Keep Christianity Weird: Embracing th...

Michael Frost

Jesus is different. Go and do likewise.Many Christians have become comfortable letting the world mold them instead of being set apart by God. And many churches have traded in their biblical roots for complacent conventionality. But Je...

Published: Sep 2018

Silence: The Power of Quiet in a Worl...

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Zen master and one of the world's most beloved teachers returns with a concise, practical guide to understanding and developing our most powerful inner resource—silence—to help us find happiness, purpose, and peace.Many people...

Published: Jan 2016

The People of the Way of the Cross: W...

Marci Alborghetti

For centuries, Christians have followed the Way of the Cross, reflecting on the final hours of Jesus earthly life. But what was it really like to be there? How would it look, sound, and feel if you were part of the crowd along that na...

Published: Jan 2016

Heaven: The Expanded Study Guide

Randy Alcorn

In celebration of the first paperback edition of Randy Alcorn's bestselling book Heaven, this six-session guide offers small groups a chance to study, reflect on, and respond to the biblical truths that offer more than just a glimpse ...

Published: Sep 2018

Pope Francis' Little Book of Wisdom: ...

Andrea Kirk Assaf

Pope Francis appears to be changing the face of Roman Catholicism. He has infused what some consider a staid institution with openness and optimism. He has faced off against established power interests within the Vatican. He has refor...

Published: Sep 2015

Don't Be Stupid.: A Call for Christia...

Joshua Beck

Don't be stupid. is a thoughtful, fresh, and often funny call for a more intelligent Christianity. Helping Christians think through what their faith is, why it's true, and how to live it out -- so they reflect the truth and beauty of ...

Published: Jan 2018

Salvation: The Covenant Journey

Todd D. Bennett

This is a critical book for all those who believe in the Messiah and look to Him for their salvation. Traditions and religions have distorted His teachings and message and led many astray from the true path to salvation found in the S...

Published: Sep 2015

The Christian Conundrum

Todd D. Bennett

The Christian religion is supposed to provide answers to some of life's most important questions, yet Christians must address and answer some very important questions that pose an interesting conundrum. For instance, is the Bible iner...

Published: Mar 2016

Consider the Women: A Provocative Gui...

Debbie Blue

A timely and compelling new look at three key women in the biblical narrative Among the mostly male-dominated narratives in Scripture, the stories of women can be game-changing. In this book Debbie Blue looks closely at Hagar (mother...

Published: Mar 2019

The Christ of the Empty Tomb

James Montgomery Boice

Jews had prayed for him, hoped for him, and looked for him for generations. But now the one who had said he was the Messiah was dead, killed by the very ones who had for so long anticipated his coming. For his disciples, three years o...

Published: Feb 2010

Through It All

Jessie Evelyn Bonner

I hope you enjoy my journey from the darkest parts of my life to more than I could expect or dream through the grace and mercy of God. If God did it for me, he will surely do the same for you.

Published: Sep 2019

If It Were a Snake

Kimberly Boone

"God has the right to design and perform His own miracles. Who are we to tell Him what they should be?" When Kimberly Boone's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Kimberly believed that she had received an assign...

Published: Jun 2014

Days of Awe and Wonder: How to Be a C...

Marcus J. Borg

Showcasing some of his most enduring and insightful writings, including many previously unpublished works, a concise and illuminating introduction to Marcus J. Borg, the late spokesman for progressive Christianity and one of the most ...

Published: Mar 2018

Fifty-Two Cups of Coffee

Natalie Brown

Life is loud. Every day we are bombarded with the noise of simply being alive. In the midst of it all, it is easy to forget the voice that matters most. Throughout the Bible, God often captures the hearts of people through the realm o...

Published: Jan 2019

The Doctrine of Law and Grace Unfolde...

John Bunyan

Bunyan’s primary objective is to define what the Law is, as given to Adam, and later more fully developed through Moses at Sinai. It requires implicit, universal, and perfect obedience,--failure in even the minutest point is not an ...

Published: Mar 2014

The Pilgrim's Progress: Experience th...

John Bunyan

Over three hundred years have passed since the original publication of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, but the story of Christian's struggle to avoid temptation and remain hopeful continues to resonate today. This 2-in-1 edition...

Published: Jun 2018

Bible Lessons for Children: Preparing...

Sunday Burger

Children's Church Sermons for Worship Service offers adult leaders and teachers a complete year's worth of scripts for presenting the truths of the Christian faith to children from four to eight years old. Drawing upon long experience...

Published: Feb 2016

Divine Echoes of Eternity

Noel Campbell

God is always waiting to guide our paths and He does so as we listen to Him and obey His directions. This devotional contains unique tales of His guidance, told by Noel Campbell, that will bring laughter, joy and a sense of awe.

Published: Apr 2015

The Fourth Dimension: Combined Editio...

David Yonggi Cho

In this new combined version of The Fourth Dimension – Volumes One and Two, Dr. David (Paul) Yonggi Cho's comprehensive spiritual philosophy on the power of dynamic faith is brought together in one place for completeness and ease of...

Published: Jan 2017

Everything New: Reimagining Heaven an...

Jeff Cook

This is a book about God. Not just any God, but a God worth believing in.     It's a book about wrestling with death and fear and doubt--and hoping to find something bigger.     It's a book about heaven. Often when we think of h...

Published: Jan 2015

In Search of Timothy Workbook

Tony Cooke

The In Search of Timothy series by Tony Cooke explores the roles of Timothy and other biblical figures who accomplished the plan of God by serving others. This teaching series is specifically targeted to help you become the servant, w...

Published: Oct 2010

A Travel Guide to Life: Transforming ...

Anthony DeStefano

For the many inspired by Anthony DeStefano's A Travel Guide to Heaven -a remarkable tour of the pleasures God has in store for us in the next and everlasting life-more inspiration is here in A TRAVEL GUIDE TO LIFE, offering an enlight...

Published: Apr 2015

A Doubter's Guide to the Bible: Insid...

John Dickson

A Doubter's Guide to the Bible is a concise account of the whole biblical narrative and the lifestyle it inspires, representing a unique and engaging framework for those observing Christianity from the outside, especially those who th...

Published: Feb 2015

Healed of Autism: A Family Set Free W...

Jeroen Doorn

After years of strife and even out of home placement, God healed both children of Jeroen and Alma Doorn from autism. This event was so remarkable, and they were so excited about it, they felt they had to tell the world. In this book, ...

Published: Jan 2018

Starting Over Participants Guide

Dave Ferguson

We all have regrets. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. The problem is many of us get stuck in in an endless cycle of longing and regret, unable to move forward. In this guide, Dave and Jon Ferguson want to...

Published: Oct 2016

The Best Husband is a Dead Husband

James Gallo

This book is the story of how God moved in the life of one couple from before we even knew Him to bring us to a place where we look back and know that He profoundly affected our life and marriage and our kids. This book is intended to...

Published: Feb 2014

Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian ...

Jeremy Gardiner

Have you ever wondered why some women cover their heads in church, while men remove their hats? Have you thought about what this practice means and where it came from? It's not something that was picked up from the surrounding culture...

Published: Nov 2016

The Coming Warring Church

Arthur Donald Gast

This book is about the coming change of the Church. A future change that will transform not just a few church congregations or even a few Christian denominations, but will transform the entire Church. The coming transformation will ch...

Published: Jan 2019

Alexander Campbell: Leader of the Gre...

Thomas W. Grafton

Alexander Campbell was, by every estimation, a man of great power and influence. He had a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to follow only what he could find and prove from the holy Scriptures. Tracing Campbell's history from a chil...

Published: Aug 2017

Radically Catholic in the Age of Fran...

Solidarity Hall

Edited by Daniel Schwindt, this collection of personal essays gives a glimpse into the hopes and expectations of some two dozen men and women -- not all Catholics -- attempting to live in a more radically Catholic fashion, partly insp...

Published: Apr 2015
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