Ian Ayres

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Super Crunchers: How Thinking by Numb...

Ian Ayres

Why would a casino try and stop you from losing? How can a mathematical formula find your future spouse? Would you know if a statistical analysis blackballed you from a job you wanted? Today, number crunching affects your life in way...

Abridged CD
Published: Aug 2007

Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power ...

Ian Ayres

Could you lose weight if you put $20,000 at risk? Would you finally set up your billing software if it meant that your favorite charity would earn a new contribution? If you've ever tried to meet a goal and came up short, the problem ...

Unabridged CD
Published: Sep 2010

Lifecycle Investing: A New, Safe, and...

Ian Ayres

The coauthors of the bestselling Why Not? shake up how we think about retirement investing as they show us how to grow a healthier nest egg in a nicely feathered nest.

Unabridged CD
Published: May 2010
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