Karl Knopf

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Healthy Shoulder Handbook: 100 Exerci...

Karl Knopf

Despite its large size and prominence, the fragile structure of the shoulder joint makes injury surprisingly easy. Log too many hours typing at the computer or swing too aggressively at the driving range and one ends up with excruciat...

Published: Jan 2010

Core Strength for 50+: A Customized P...

Karl Knopf

A fully illustrated guide to strengthening every aspect of the core muscles tailored to the unique needs of aging adults/BBRA strong core is vital for staying fit and healthy at any age. It's not about showing off six-pack abs, its ab...

Published: Aug 2012

Healthy Hips Handbook: Exercises for ...

Karl Knopf

With easy-to-do stretches for increased flexibility and carefully designed weight training for increased strength, the Healthy Hip Handbook includes everything needed to turn a painful hip into a sturdy and strong joint capable of con...

Published: Sep 2010
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