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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laug...

Laurell K. Hamilton

The second chapter of best-selling author Laurell K. Hamilton's triller is finally here! Vampire hunter Anita Blake has crossed the paths of the worst St. Louis has to offer - and now they want her out of the picture for good. But An...

Published: Jul 2010

The Walking Dead Volume 2: Miles Behi...

Robert Kirkman

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a w...

Published: Jan 2007

Fables Vol. 2: Animal Farm

Bill Willingham

Collecting FABLES #6-10, the second story arc of the fan-favorite, critically acclaimed VERTIGO series. Travel to upstate New York, where the non-human Fable characters have found refuge on a farm, miles from mankind. But all is not w...

Published: Aug 2003

Diary of Molly Fredrickson: Peanut Bu...

Cornnell Clarke

Now in full color! Catholic high school senior Molly runs into a wild classmate that gets her into the hottest situations. Nothing like spreading peanut butter on the right spots, doing it in the school bathroom, getting instructed in...

Published: May 2003

The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country

Neil Gaiman

This exquisite and enchanting volume provides easy entry for newcomers to Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN and to comics. Inside are the dreams of writers, fairies, felines and unemployed immortals, and the World Fantasy Award-winning tale '...

Published: Sep 1991

Brothers in Arms (Dragonlance: Raistl...

Margaret Weis

The Innocence of Youth Lost in War In the fiery siege of the ciy of Hope's End the young mage Raistlin must leave behind his ideals to save himself and his brother. Yet as Raistlin and Caramon train as mercenaries, far away another so...

Published: Aug 1999

Nightwing: The Hunt for Oracle

Chuck Dixon

Allied once again with his mentor, Batman, and with Oracle, Superman, and the Huntress, Nightwing fights to bring order to Gotham, hoping that that will help calm the situation in his new home, the city of Blèudhaven.

Published: Feb 2003

Hellblazer: Haunted (Hellblazer)

Warren Ellis


Published: Feb 2003

James Patterson's Witch & Wizard: Bat...

James Patterson

In a blink of an eye, their world has changed, with the oppressive New Order declaring all magic as evil incarnate! In this action-packed tale spinning out of author James Pattersons'' bestselling novel, Witch & Wizard, sibling teenag...

Published: Oct 2011

New Avengers Vol. 10: Power

Brian Michael Bendis

The Invasion is over! But who are the New Avengers!? The first major roster change since the very first issue! See who the New Avengers are and what their place in the Dark Reign is! Collects New Avengers #48-50, and Secret Invasion D...

Published: Nov 2009

Almuric (Planet Stories)

Robert E. Howard

The creator of Conan looks to the stars in one of fantasy's most enduring science fantasy classics! Robert E. Howard's Almuric is a savage planet of crumbling stone ruins and debased, near-human inhabitants. Into this world comes Esau...

Published: Feb 2008

Preacher Vol. 9: Alamo

Garth Ennis

great comic

Published: May 2001

New Avengers Vol. 6: Revolution

Brian Michael Bendis

The New Avengers versus the Hand! And the New Avengers versus the Mighty Avengers! And the identity of the new Ronin revealed! Who is the new mystery player in the New Avengers? Find out here! Guest-starring the Mighty Avengers and......

Published: Nov 2007

Y: The Last Man Vol. 1: Unmanned

Brian K. Vaughan

When a plague of unknown origin instantly kills every mammal with a Y chromosome, unemployed and unmotivated slacker Yorick Brown suddenly discovers that he is the only male left in a world inhabited solely by women. Accompanied by hi...

Published: Jan 2003

Preacher Vol. 4: Ancient History

Garth Ennis

Four distinctive characters whose lives were forever changed by encounters with Preacher’s Jesse Custer take center stage in this volume. Included: The Saint of Killers, telling the origin of this troubled, violent figure from t...

Published: Mar 1998

Jack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts...

Bill Willingham

In this volume collecting issues #6-11, Jack reveals the secret of his former relationship with the illustrious Snow Queen — when he took her powers and became known as Jack Frost. And in present times, he lands in Las Vegas and mee...

Published: Oct 2007

100 Bullets Vol. 3: Hang Up on the Ha...

Brian Azzerello

100 BULLETS VOL 8: THE HARD WAY continues to unravel the tangled mystery of the Trust as Wylie Times becomes the latest Minuteman to be reactivated by the Trusts onetime enforcer, Agent Graves. But which side will he choose? And what ...

Published: Dec 2001

30 Days of Night

Steve Niles

In a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, the sun sets and doesn't rise for over thirty consecutive days and nights. From the darkness, across the frozen wasteland, an evil will come that will bring the residents of Barrow to t...

Published: Jan 2003

Broken (Star Wars: Legacy, Vol. 1)

John Ostrander

The Jedi Temple is attacked, an Emperor is betrayed, and the Sith are born anew! A lot can happen in a hundred years, but that's just the beginning of the story! Not since Luke Skywalker first stepped aboard the Millennium Falcon has ...

Published: May 2007

Starman: Stars My Destination (Book 8...

James Robinson


Published: Jan 2004

DMZ Vol. 1: On the Ground

Brian Wood

In the near future, America's worst nightmare has come true. With military adventurism overseas bogging down the Army and National Guard, the U.S. government mistakenly neglects the very real threat of anti-establishment militias scat...

Published: Jun 2006

The Hunters

Claire Messud

The author of The Last Life explores the theme of isolation in two short novels--A Simple Tale, about an immigrant woman torn between past and present as she struggles to preserve her relationship with her son, and The Hunters, about ...

Published: Aug 2002

The Authority Vol. 3: Earth Inferno a...

Mark Millar

WildStorm's wildest super-team returns in its third trade paperback - an anthology of outrageousness collecting some of the Authority's most unforgettable tales. Included is the much talked-about "Earth Inferno" story from T...

Published: Jul 2002

TOM STRONG BOOK 6 (Tom Strong)

Alan Moore

Written by Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock and others Art by Chris Sprouse, Jerry Ordway, Ben Oliver and others Cover by Sprouse Jose Villarrubia Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse return for one grand, final story in which Tom Strong and fam...

Published: Jun 2008

Peanuts 2000: The 50th Year Of The Wo...

Charles M. Schulz

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy . . . how can I ever forget them. . . .'--CHARLES SCHULZHow could any of us ever forget them? For fifty years, Charles Schulz and the whole Peanuts gang have delighted millions of readers around the ...

Published: Sep 2000

Supreme Power Vol. 1: Contact

Michael J. Stracyznski

Follow the origins of these new heroes and anti-heroes, from their birth through adulthood, and examine how their lives and abilities change and shape the world around them.

Published: Jul 2004

DMZ Vol. 4: Friendly Fire

Brian Wood

America's worst nightmare has come true. Having neglected the threat of anti-establishment militias, the U.S. government is in danger of losing control. Middle America has violently risen up, coming to a standstill at Manhattan or, a...

Published: Mar 2008

100 Bullets Vol. 1: First Shot, Last ...

Brian Azzarello

What would you do if you were given the opportunity and the means to get away with murder, scot-free? Thats the question posed in 100 Bullets, a new graphic novel that combines elements of hard-boiled crime stories and paranoid espion...

Published: Feb 2000

100 Bullets Vol. 2: Split Second Chan...

Brian Azzarello

Suppose that you're given incontrovertible proof that you've been wronged by someone--seriously, grievously wronged. And then suppose that you're also given a handgun, a hundred bullets, and complete assurance that however you choose ...

Published: Dec 2000

Battle Royale, Book 1

Koushun Takami

In the future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called Battle Royale. The rules: only one student can survive after 3 days on an island or else they all perish. Weapons are handed out and each student is ...

Published: Aug 2003
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