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A Cappella Music in the Public Worshi...

Everett Ferguson

This book employs a methodology that I have found helpful in dealing with other topics. This procedure is to assemble the New Testament texts on the topic and interpret them, then check this interpretation against usage in early Chri...

Published: Jun 2013

Holy Literary License: The Almighty C...

Robert Lopez Flynn

An award-winning western novelist with decidedly liberal political leanings writes a spiritual autobiography unlike any other. The author grew up in a small west Texas town, attended seminary, became a war correspondent in Vietnam, an...

Published: Oct 2016

The Bible in World History

Christopher D. Hudson

What was happening outside Bible lands during the time of the patriarchs, Jewish kingdoms, the prophets, Jesus' ministry, and the early church? Find out with The Bible in World History. This pocket-sized, fully illustrated reference b...

Published: Jan 2017

Honoring the Son: Jesus in Earliest C...

L. W. Hurtado

Before the New Testament or the creeds of the church were written, the devotional practices of the earliest Christians indicate that they worshipped Jesus alongside the Father.Larry W. Hurtado has been one of the leading scholars on e...

Published: Jun 2018

Exploring the Belief in the Real Pres...

Phd David J. Keys

The Eucharistic celebration is an ancient ritual originating almost 2000 years ago. It took place during the last Passover supper Jesus had with his apostles on the day before he died. At that time, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke...

Published: Mar 2015

ISIS, Iran and Israel: What You Need ...

Chris Mitchell

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran is developing nuclear weapons not just to annihilate Israel but to destroy the West. U.S. Senator Tom Cotton tells us the Iran deal will lay nuclear trip wires throughout the Middle...

Published: Mar 2016

A Week in the Life of Rome

James L. Papandrea

In first-century Rome, following Jesus comes at a tremendous social cost. An urbane Roman landowner and merchant is intrigued by the Christian faith―but is he willing to give up his status and lifestyle to join the church? Meanwhile...

Published: Feb 2019

The Exodus Revealed: Israel's Journey...

Nicholas Perrin

What really happened during Israel's journey from slavery to the promised land? Bible scholar Nicholas Perrin explains the true story of the Exodus while adding helpful background information from biblical history, archaeology, and mo...

Published: Oct 2014

Know How We Got Our Bible

Ryan Matthew Reeves

The easy accessibility of the Bible in most of the world's major languages can obscure a dramatic and sometimes unexpected story. In Know How We Got Our Bible, scholars Ryan Reeves and Charles Hill trace the history of the Bible from ...

Published: Aug 2018

Through Her Eyes: Bible Studies on Wo...

Deborah Winters

Discover faith anew through the perspectives of 20 biblical women whose stories offer challenging and encouraging insights for women and men today. This collection of Bible studies features a diverse array of contributor voices from v...

Published: Feb 2016

A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem

Ben Witherington III

It's A.D. 70. And amidst smoke, clamor, and terror, Jerusalem is falling to the Romans, its temple being destroyed. As Jews and Christians try to escape the city, we travel with some of them through an imagined week of flight and fait...

Published: Aug 2017
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