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Longitudes and Attitudes: The World i...

Thomas L. Friedman

Collects the twice-weekly columns by the Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign affairs writer for the New York Times as published since September 11 to document the nation's emotional and analytical responses of the attacks and their afterma...

Published: Aug 2003

The Bookseller of Kabul

Asne Seierstad

This profile of the pseudonymous Sultan Khan, proprietor of a Kabul bookstore whose passionately liberal ideas about literature and freedom to read are at odds with his traditional ones about the place of women, has been an internatio...

Published: Oct 2004

Why America Slept: The Reasons Behind...

Gerald Posner

Since 9/11, one important question has persisted: What was really going on behind the scenes with intelligence services and government leaders during the time preceding that terrible day? After an eighteen-month investigation, Gerald ...

Published: Aug 2004

America Alone: The End of the World A...

Mark Steyn

IIt's the end of the world as we know it. Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer of a muezzin. Europeans already do. Liberals tell us that diversity is our strength while Talibanic enforcers cruise Greenwich Vill...

Published: May 2008

Them: Adventures with Extremists

Jon Ronson

A wide variety of extremist groups -- Islamic fundamentalists, neo-Nazis -- share the oddly similar belief that a tiny shadowy elite rule the world from a secret room. In Them, journalist Jon Ronson has joined the extremists to track ...

Published: Jan 2003

Michelle Obama in her Own Words: The ...

Lisa Rogak

The election of Barack Obama has brought worldwide attention not only to what his policies will be, but to what kind of First Lady Michelle Obama will be. Throughout the long campaign season, Michelle Robinson Obama garnered a good am...

Published: Apr 2009

What We Say Goes: Conversations on U....

Noam Chomsky

An indispensable set of interviews on foreign and domestic issues with the bestselling author of Hegemony or Survival, "America's most useful citizen." (The Boston Globe) In this new collection of conversations, conducted i...

Published: Oct 2007

Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unth...

David Cole

On April 16, 2009, the Justice Department released never-before-seen secret memos describing, in graphic detail, the brutal interrogation techniques used by the CIA under the Bush administration's 'war on terror.' Now, for the first t...

Published: Sep 2009

Trust: The Social Virtues and The Cre...

Francis Fukuyama

In his bestselling The End of History and the Last Man, Francis Fukuyama argued that the end of the Cold War would also mean the beginning of a struggle for position in the rapidly emerging order of 21st-century capitalism. In Trust, ...

Published: Jun 1996

Standing Up to the Madness: Ordinary ...

Amy Goodman

Standing Up to the Madness not only is a timely, inspiring, and even revolutionary look at who wields the greatest power in America--everyday people who take a chance and stand up for what they believe in--but also offers advic...

Published: Mar 2009

Politics Lost: From RFK to W: How Pol...

Joe Klein

People on the right are furious. People on the left are livid. And the center isn't holding. There is only one thing on which almost everyone agrees: there is something very wrong in Washington. The country is being run by pollsters...

Published: Jun 2007


Lee C. McIntyre

How we arrived in a post-truth era, when "alternative facts" replace actual facts, and feelings have more weight than evidence.Are we living in a post-truth world, where "alternative facts" replace actual facts and feelings have more ...

Published: Feb 2018

Freedom Is Not Enough: The Moynihan R...

James T. Patterson

On June 4, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson delivered what he and many others considered the greatest civil rights speech of his career. Proudly, Johnson hailed the new freedoms granted to African Americans due to the newly passed Civil...

Published: Apr 2012

The Soul of Man Under Socialism

Oscar Wilde

"The Soul of Man under Socialism" is an 1891 essay by Oscar Wilde in which he expounds a libertarian socialist worldview and a critique of charity. The writing of "The Soul of Man" followed Wilde's conversion to an...

Published: May 2019

Trend of Economic Thinking, The: Essa...

Friedrich A. Von Hayek

The Iron Curtain has been cast aside. The Berlin Wall has fallen. Germany is reunited. And F. A. Hayek's forceful predictions of the inevitable failure of socialism and central economic planning are now rendered irrefutable. Yet Haye...

Published: Feb 2009

The Soccer War

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Part diary and part reportage, The Soccer War is a remarkable chronicle of war in the late twentieth century. Between 1958 and 1980, working primarily for the Polish Press Agency, Kapuscinski covered twenty-seven revolutions and coups...

Published: Feb 1992

Media Control, Second Edition: The Sp...

Noam Chomsky

Chomsky's classic back-pocket primer on U.S. government propaganda and media bias, now available in an edition expanded to include his comments regarding media coverage of terrorism and U.S. foreign policy in a post-September 11 world.

Published: Jul 2003

The Hardball Handbook: How to Win at ...

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is like no other TV interviewer. Life's a Campaign is like no other book on success. Famous for demanding the truth from his Hardball guests, Chris Matthews now reveals what the people running this country rarely confes...

Published: Apr 2009

Who's Looking Out for You?

Bill O'Reilly

Plain-speaking commentator Bill O'Reilly looks with outrage at corporate and political entities that he sees as failing the common person. He also looks at the absence of altruism and personal responsibility on the part of individuals...

Published: Sep 2004

Growing Pains: The Future of Democrac...

We are now living in a world where Brexit and Trump are daily realities. But how did this come about? And what does it mean for the future?Populism and ultra-nationalism brought about the rise of Hitler and Mussolini in the 1930s. Now...

Published: Jun 2018

The Retreat of Western Liberalism

From Financial Times chief US columnist and commentator Edward Luce, The Retreat of Western Liberalism offers a sharp and insightful look at why the values the West has long championed are now in danger, with a new afterword for the p...

Published: Apr 2018

Trump Corrected: A Counter-Quotation ...

Bill Adler Jr

Trump Corrected is a counter-quotation book. For each quotation by Donald Trump, Trump Corrected offers alternative, enlightened, informed and sane words spoken by somebody else. The strange, often incoherent, furious, fatuous or just...

Published: Nov 2017

What Liberal Media?: The Truth about ...

Eric Alterman

Widely acclaimed and hotly contested, veteran journalist Eric Alterman's ambitious investigation into the true nature of the U.S. news media touched a nerve and sparked debate across the country. As the question of whose interests the...

Published: Mar 2004

The Plot to Seize the White House

Jules Archer

Many people might not know that in 1933, a group of wealthy industrialists-working closely with groups like the K.K.K. and the American Liberty League-planned to overthrow the U.S. government and run F.D.R. out of office in a fascist ...

Published: Apr 2015


Hannah Arendt

Recognized on publication as the definitive account of its subject and ten years later hailed as a classic by the Times Literary Supplement, this remarkable book has been foremost wherever the characteristics and problems of the twent...

Published: Mar 1968

Nicomachean Ethics: Complete Edition


The Nicomachean Ethics is the Aristotle's best-known work on ethics. The work, which plays a pre-eminent role in defining Aristotelian ethics, consists of ten books, originally separate scrolls, and is understood to be based on notes ...

Published: Apr 2019


Alain Badiou

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States sent shockwaves across the globe. How was such an outcome even possible? In two lectures given at American universities in the immediate aftermath of the election, the lea...

Published: May 2019

You Can't Enlarge The Pie: Six Barrie...

Max H. Bazerman

Why do our government leaders continually make decisions and craft policies that everybody knows are foolish? Because they, like the rest of us, remain trapped in foolish and unproductive habits of thinking. 'You Can't Enlarge the Pie...

Published: Sep 2002

Breathing: Chaos and Poetry

Franco "bifo" Berardi

The increasingly chaotic rhythm of our respiration, and the sense of suffocation that grows everywhere: an essay on poetical therapy.Since the hopeful days of the Occupy movement, many things have changed in the respiration of the wor...

Published: Oct 2018

The Reagan I Knew

William F. Buckley

No two people were more important to American conservatism in the postwar era than William F. Buckley Jr. and Ronald Reagan. Buckley's writings provided the intellectual underpinnings, while Reagan brought the conservative movement in...

Published: Oct 2009
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